My Bio

” As it began… “ My extensive passion for a career in the car business started when I was only 12 years old. At this age, my best friend Chris and I had summer jobs at his father’s car dealership. During our summer Saturdays, at times we were left alone to work unsupervised. Chris and I would then attempt to sell vehicles when his father would leave. This small and private dealership where the signs said, “Steve Leach Motors” was located in Portland Oregon. This experience was exactly what catapulted my vision of my life in the car business.

” Moving on up…” 
After two summers of this new experience I found my break! At the young age of 14, I established the new title of “lot attendant” for a well known dealership named Dick Hanna Motors. Today Dick Hanna Motors is widely known in the North West as one of the “biggest” dealerships!

” Concrete Jungle… “ 
While maintaining my busy high school life, I became a high achiever in receiving many promotions along my journey. After I discovered my true skills and passion and knew I had to make my move. I graduated high school and relocated to Houston Texas to unite with my loving sister. It was the mid 90’s and all I cared to do was to hit the ground running!
” Meeting the right people…” I became a member of Group Auto Source with a job to keep track of all the vehicles, perform necessary repairs for retail, manage the detail team and sell huge amounts of vehicles to the finest wholesale brokers of Houston. The owner, Mr. Babak Elham took it upon himself to teach me everything he knows in the car business. The things he has taught me has allowed me to move up through the rankings in the industry. Not only did he teach me his expertise, he introduced me to all the key people in the industry and still remains to be one of my closest friends!
” Success managed… “ Our team managed an average of selling 240 to 270 cars per month within a dealer model of 105 capacity! During this time my responsibilities were extended to collect all the money and titles for the daily transactions. This position was extremely exciting and I learned more than any member in any dealership. I knew these early years of life, I was on heading toward a path of success.
” Learning new success… “ After 3 years I embarked on an exciting and promising opportunity with Nxcess Motorcars. I began in sales to establish and secure my clientele and easily maintained a 20 to 30 car month sales average. Never before did I ever consider a possibility of selling high-line vehicles with such success. This revealed to me a potential which changed my future. Not long after I my employment with Nxcess Motorcars was I promoted to becoming the manager of Ebay. This allowed me to expand my clientele not only in the local market but nationwide and worldwide! I must admit that I am honored to have been schooled by one of the best teachers, more than I could ever ask for. Richard Ong was the best relationship I made to allow my education to blossom. I was teamed me up with his finest on board, Mark Espino from finance. He was my new teacher appointed by Mr. Ong and I am very grateful!

As a new team of two, we financed approximately 100 customers per month while executing the necessary paperwork for well over 60 additional vehicles! If you have ever been or know the car business, 60 cars alone are well worth their share of hard work. I remained diligent in selling over 50 cars per month on Ebay and continued to build my clientele. After a few years of success in my position, a few finance directors were passing through the company. I found a passion and opportunity to run the finance department of Nxcess Motorcars. For 3 years, I successfully operated the department all while having the time of my life!
” Thanking all of you… “ The things Richard Ong and Nxcess Motorcars taught me actually propelled me to a whole other level in my career. I also operated an auto shipping company and found the next piece of my puzzle for success and strength in my dealership career. During this time I secured my own wholesale license specifically to teach myself the aspects of the entire business. Within time I realized that I can combine the past experiences I have had with my new dealer “ownership” education to plan my next big venture.
” The big 25… ”  After 25 years and well over 1,000’s of the finest cars on the planet I have sold, I found the best position possible. I now have made my home base at Expo Motorcars. This is the absolute finest place to find a wide variety of high end cars from $20,000 to $500,000. Not only are all the cars a straight 10/10, but they have the greatest finance department. I have never seen an entire management group and sales team as polished, professional and knowledgeable in any company.
” Great advice… “ You could honestly say that Expo Motorcars in Houston Texas is and will always be the only place you will need to look for a superb quality vehicle! So here I am at the strongest and best place to work, ready and waiting for you to let me cater to your needs and take the pressure off you when looking for you next car! Either you are looking for yourself, your wife, daughter, son. Maybe you are planning something spectacular for your “girlfriend or boyfriend,” or someone you love. With regard to your busy, demanding and somewhat stressful life, I am inviting you to meet your new specialist. I invite you to utilize all my years of experience in every aspect of this business to find you the perfect vehicle with no fear attached!


Jason Leif Andersen